Identification and Control Websites

The following pages feature useful photographs and information to help you identify and control weeds on your property. Invasive weed management is different for everyone and is based on specific weed infestations and property parameters. Different organizations recommend different control methods. We recommend that you explore the web site links below for the control method that fits best with your unique infestation and property type. Keep in mind that plants are specific to areas and habitats, so not all of the weeds listed here will be found where you live. If you have trouble identifying a plant, be sure to take a sample to your local extension office, Master Gardeners or Soil and Water Conservation District.  You may be eligible for assistance with removing certain weeds.

Oregon Invasive Species Council

Encycloweedia-California Dept. of Food and Agriculture

Noxious Weed Identification and Control-King County Noxious Weeds

Oregon Noxious Weed Profiles-Oregon Department of Agriculture

OSU Herbarium-Oregon State University

The Silent Invasion-OPB

Introduced, Invasive, and Noxious Plants-USDA/NRCS