How to

Join Our Partnership

There are many ways that you can help control the spread of invasive weeds in our region.

Whether you’re a natural resources management professional, community member, property manager, or someone looking to volunteer, there’s a way for you to take part in protecting our landscapes and communities.


Find an invasive species? Report it!


Check with our partners organizations for volunteer opportunities near you.


Share our weed management resources with clients, colleagues, and neighbors.

Our work would not be possible without you

The 4-County CWMA has grown considerably as a result of our strong partner organizations. Maintaining a strong partnership is critical to the continued success of the 4-County CWMA. Learn more about our partnership and join our effort!

Ways To Support

Become a Sponsor
We ask that partner organizations consider becoming a financial sponsor of the 4-County CWMA. Additional funding will help support our goal of a dedicated CWMA Coordinator position, shared with the Columbia Gorge CWMA. The level of participation and funding is voluntary and at the discretion of your organization. If your organization is interested in becoming a financial sponsor, contact our Coordinator:

Join A Committee
The 4-County CWMA’s work comes from the shared participation and resources of our partner organizations. Please consider joining an upcoming meeting or event, or serve on one of our committees.

Sign The MOU
We are looking for current and prospective organizations to become signatories on our 2020-2024 Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). The MOU lays the foundation for the 4-County CWMA. It reflects the recognition that regional collaboration provides more effective invasive weed management.

Read The Management Plan

The 4-County CWMA Management Plan outlines our partnership’s structure, vision, and goals. Learn more about the administration and governance of the 4-County CWMA.

If your organization is interested in becoming a partner or fiscal sponsor of the 4-County CWMA, please contact our Coordinator:

Brendan Fordyce
Clackamas Soil and Water Conservation District
4-County CWMA Coordinator
Email Brendan Fordyce

Thank you to our a current partners or sponsors! We greatly appreciate your support.