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Cutleaf/Himalayan Blackberry

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Rubus laciniatus/R. bifrons
Rose Family

Identification Tips

*Also known as R. armeniacus (Himalayan or Armenian blackberry), R. discolor, or R. bifrons


Habitat & Distribution

Reproduction & Spread


Integrated Pest Management

Planning Considerations

Early Detection and Prevention

Manual, Mechanical, & Cultural Control

Biological Control

Biological control is the deliberate introduction of insects, mammals, or other organisms which adversely affect the target weed species.  Biological control is generally most effective when used in conjunction with other control techniques.

Herbicide Control

Specific Herbicide Information

Herbicides are described here by the active ingredient.  Many commercial formulations are available containing specific active ingredients, but often are not formulated for use near aquatic sites. Always be sure to select an aquatically-approved herbicide and surfactant for use near waterReferences to product names are for example only.  Directions for use may vary between brands. Note:  herbicide treatment of blackberry is most effective in the late summer after fruiting and until the first frost.

Control blackberry effectively with targeted applications of one of the following herbicides:

This BMP does not constitute a formal recommendation. When using herbicides, always consult the label.


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