Western Invasives Network Interactive IPM Calendar

This digital resource was adapted by Western Invasives Network (WIN), from an existing document that was originally published by City of Portland (Bureau of Environmental Services), contracted by Metro, and revised/republished in 2020. While the information is presented in a different manner, the content of this resource is the same as what can be found in the hard copy/pdf version that was published in 2020. Additions to the resource are limited to photos, distribution maps (links) and links to other supporting documents and resources.

While this document acts as a baseline for managing Metro properties, it is Metro’s hope that other agencies, companies, groups and landowners will find this calendar useful with some potential adjustments. It is not, however, intended to describe all treatments for all situations. The primary purpose of the new Portland invasive species calendar is to identify the most useful method and timing for effective treatment. These treatments will apply to approximately 80% of Metro’s management cases . Many factors, such as conditions in the field and bad weather, will cause management to change, either slightly or drastically. The scale of restoration also plays a key role in choice of management. The recommendations in this document apply overwhelmingly to initial large-scale restoration (>1/4 acre), so many manual and mechanical methods will not be highlighted. On the other hand, a reduction in effort for succeeding years of management can be expected, possibly restoring the need to use smaller scale (manual/mechanical) methods.

**Note: Please refer to the document below before using this resource.

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