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Catalog of Weed Lists

With so many invasive plants in our region which ones should be prioritized for management, regulation, early detection, public outreach, or otherwise? Opinions abound on this topic. Here we catalog the many weed lists from our region. These lists are developed for a wide variety of purposes and utilize varied ranking definitions and methodologies. We have coalesced these lists as best we can into a single MS Excel spreadsheet resource. In doing so, many potential issues arise including taxonomic, data entry errors, and otherwise. We have included an archive (zip) of the underlying weed lists in their native format as published by various entities for your verification.

Catalog of Weed Lists – Version 1.2 (Sept 21 2018) – MS Excel Workbook
Weed List Archive – Version 1.2 (Sept 21 2018) – Source Materials – Zipped Archive

This catalog is a joint project of the Mapping & Data Committee and the Technical Committee. Please let us know if you have comments or issues.

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