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Our work would not be possible without you.

The 4-County CWMA has grown considerably over the years, as a result of our strong membership. Notably, member support has allowed for the development of a host of resources that help support and advance regional weed control efforts. Maintaining strong partner support is critical to the continued success of the 4-County CWMA, and we encourage you to join our committed efforts to improving invasive weed management in our area. You can learn more about our vision and goals in our Management Plan.

Ways To Support

Sign Our MOU

We look to current and prospective members to become signatories on our 2020-2024 Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). The purpose of the MOU is to lay the foundation for the CWMA. It reflects the shared recognition that regional collaboration provides a more effective platform for addressing invasive plants, and becoming a signatory reflects the commitment to this effort. If you would like to join our growing list of members by signing our MOU, please email our Coordinator at


In addition to being a CWMA member organization, we also value your participation. The work of the 4-County CWMA comes from the shared participation and resources of our member organizations. Small contributions made by member organizations return to them through the development of management recommendation, informational resources, and educational opportunities offered across the region. Please consider participating in our meetings and events, or by serving on one of our committees.

Become a Sponsor

We also ask that member organizations consider participating as a funder for the CWMA to support our emerging resources. Funding will also help support our goal of a half-time Coordinator position, shared with the Columbia Gorge CWMA, which would increase our overall capacity. The level of participation and funding is voluntary and at the discretion of your organization. If your organization is interested in supporting the great work of the 4-County CWMA, email our Coordinator at

If you are a current member or sponsor of the CWMA…thank you! We greatly appreciate your devoted support.

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