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Reporting & Sharing Your Weed Data

We encourage participants to adopt our 4-County CWMA Invasive Plant Data Standards for  observations. You can submit your weed observations on a number of different online and mobile platforms, as described below.

Please also consider reviewing Oregon Department of Agriculture’s current watch list and submitting supporting information about infestations to inform formal noxious weed risk assessments. Also, consider nominating species for noxious weed status.

For new county records of these species, please consider vouchering populations to support taxonomic, mapping, and floristic analysis based on voucher data rather than observation data. We recommend submitting vouchers to each of the following herbariums: Portland State University Herbarium (HPSU), Oregon State University Herbarium (OSC), and the University of Washington Herbarium (WTU). Vouchering instructions for each institution are available (HPSU, OSC, WTU).

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