Invasive Plant Data Standards

We develop and promote the adoption of standards for invasive plant data. The goal of using collectively agreed upon data standards is to increase the collective utility of invasive plant data.  This data is collected for a wide variety of purposes, but with minimal additional effort can be integrated into collective datasets of great utility.

We have adopted the 4-County CWMA Invasive Plant Data Standards for invasive plant observations for field data collection and data sharing based primarily on NAISMA and iMapInvasives Oregon recommendations.  Our standards also include fields to facilitate utilizing that data for regional weed analysis including presence-only habitat suitability modeling and invasive plant prioritization modeling.

Depending of the level of partner participation in invasive plant treatment and survey data contributions we will also develop standards for those activities.

Please join partners in adopting these standards and committing to share invasive species data. The value of this collective data is significant.

4CCWMA Invasive Plant Observation Standards Archive: