Data Sharing Contest Entry 2020

Welcome 4-County CWMA friends!

This is YOUR HUB for sharing with us your reports or data for the CWMA’s 2020 “Priority Weeds” and “Call-for-Data Weeds.” Please read the instructions below and use the Google Form at the bottom of this page to submit your contest entries!

Data Sharing Contest 1

Data Contest 2

For this contest, the following prizes will be awarded:

In order to be eligible for the prize competition, it’s required that you share your weed reports using our specific Data Contest Entry form! Please feel free to contact us for your questions, comments, needs, or concerns! Many thanks for your enthusiasm!
Cheers & Happy Weed Hunting! 🔎🌿

Chair: Tyler Pedersen (Tualatin Soil and Water Conservation District,

Vice Chair: Jeffrey Lee (Metro,