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2015 Pull Together


The Varying Role of Weeds in Willamette Valley Rare Butterfly Conservation

Paul Severns, PhD, Oregon State University

Non-Chemical Weed Control in the Bull Run Watershed Management Unit

Angie Kimpo, Invasive Species Program Coordinator, Portland Water Bureau

Using Goats in Weed Management and Restoration

Briana Murphy, Owner and Shepherdess, Mowing with Goats

Impatiens Identification Pamphlet

Dominic Maze, Invasive Species Coordinator/Biologist, City of Portland, BES

iMap Data Use

Lindsay Wise, Biodiversity Data Manager, Institute for Natural Resources, PSU

Jeff Lesh, Invasive Species Specialist, Clackamas SWCD

New Weeds and Controls 

Pentaglottis sempervirens

Petasites japonicus

Potentilla recta


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